Sunday, 10 August 2014

New summer dress

 Despite the dearth of posts here I have not abandoned my wardrobe project. In fact, I have several things finished, I just haven't got around taking any pictures of it. Bad me. Anyway, today we went for a picknic at Skokloster Castle, an absolutely wonderful 17th century caste a little bit north of Stockholm, and a few photos were taken: a shirt and skirt in brown silk noil for the spring/summer year 1 wardrobe. There is supposed to be a jacket in the same material but that isn't finished yet and it would have been too hot to wear it even if it was.
It is very hard to take pictures in our family without at least one animal. Here is Lipton.

With the castle in the background.
The straw hat is from the late 40's/early 50's and I found it at Pretty Bones Jefferson at Etsy.

It is a bit of a frankenpatten. The top is taken from this Vintage Vogue pattern and I plan to make the jacket to match, the skirt is the bottom part from a vintage 40's pattern. I'm quite pleased with it and silk noil is lovely to work with and drape well. It is also cool and nice to wear in summer.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Help creating "Perfume X"

If you have read this blog for some time, then you know that I love perfume, especially vintage perfumes. I also read a number of perfume blogs and my favourite is Yesterday’s Perfume, written by Barbara Herman. She has also written a wonderful book about vintage perfumes, Scent & Subversion. Now she is taking it a step further and will be creating a modern perfume with a vintage feeling with perfumer Antoine Lie. You can read a blog post about it here.

She has started an Indiegogo campaign where you can contribute to make this happen. Most of the perks include a sample, or more, of the perfume. You can read about that here.


Wednesday, 12 March 2014

New knitwear with a vintage feel

I don't knit. I know how, but I'm not good at it. Or let me phrase it like this; I started a knitted sweater 20 years ago. It is not finished. But I'm also picky and though I love knitwear, I very rarely find models I like. I have a few of Rocket Originals sweaters and though I really like the model, they are a 100% acrylic and after a while that will show. They just don't wear well.

Enter Emmy Design. I love their knitwear. I like their other clothes as well, but they generally run into smaller sizes, but the knitwear generally comes in larger sizes. Knitwear also stretch and I always buy my sweaters in a smaller size than my cardigans. ED's knitwear are not cheap, but the quality are excellent and generally of a 70/30 wool/acrylic mix which works very well. And the design have a wonderful vintage feel to it,. A couple of months ago I splurged on this knitted sweater.

The Pretty Polkadot sweater

I also bought the beret you see on the pic and a matching shawl. The magenta really makes my grey wool coat more cheerful. I also feel very chic with beret and shawl matching each other. I have a white set as well (not from Emmy) that I wear with my red coat.

I also bought this one.

The Hepcat knit top

And to match with, and the item a love the most, this cardigan.

The Ice Skater cardigan

I have worn is so much this winter. It is warm. The colour is lovely. It flatters my figure. I want it in every colour they sell it it. Or I would, if they didn't sell other models which are quite lovely as well.

This is the same model as the Ice Skater cardigan, but knitted in cotton/modal instead of wool/acrylic to make it more suitable for summer wear.

The Campfire cardigan

The Moss Knit 40's cardigan

The Screen Siren cardigan

The Sweet Surrender cardigan

Moss knit 40's cardigan

The Cute As A Button cardigan

I generally prefer cardigans over sweaters as I like that you can wear them close for warmth, but unbuttoned if you want another effect. Emmy Design has quite a few sweaters as well, but I'm not all that drawn to them. I do like this one, though.
The Bowling Night knit top

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Spring plans

So, February is halfway through and of course I'm not done with all my lagging autumn/winter clothes. I have finished the faux fur, though, even if I haven't managed to take any photos of it. I have also cut out the grey wool dress, and I estimate that finishing that will carry me to March, and I have already promised myself to start working on the spring/summer clothes. So let's see what I have to do for year one:

Brown dress in silk noil, in three pieces, jacket, blouse and skirt. The blouse is finished, but not photographed. I plan to start with the skirt. For the jacket I want to make this one:

Dress in artificial silk, patterned with small flowers. Halfway done and have been for a long time. And isn't it funny that I found a fabric that actually looks like the one of the pattern?

Grey suit in flannel I have been talking about this one for years, but I have decided, there will be the grey tweed suit from Puttin' On the Ritz.

Raincoat in "natural" colour I'm stalling here. It just needs pocket, hemming and a button.

Black beret Will buy or sew, depending on if I find one I like, otherwise I have some black wool that will work well for it.

A bag in wind proofed fabric. I don't really have a need or inspiration for this one. I want, however, make a bag that match a spring coat in courderoy I have planned, so I will probably make that.

Just to cheer me up, here is what I have finished, or bought:

Black wool dress with short sleeves. Not a wool dress, but a cotton one, in my case, from Heyday.

White washable shirt dress

Grey/brown tweed overcoat. I couldn't found any born/grey tweed I liked so I bought a grey wool coat instead.

Grey beret

White beret

Black pumps
White fabric shoes
Brown bag in reptile skin

Black bag in suede

White washable leather gloves I don't think these are washable, but they are pretty.

Friday, 14 February 2014

A new beret

The Historical Sew Fortnightly 2014 and this is the first challenge I have completed.
I'm participating in

The Challenge: #3 Pink

Fabric: Pink and rust wool tartan.

Pattern: The Three Hour Beret, a reproduction pattern from New Vintage Lady

Year: Early 1940’s.

Notions: Sewing thread and some black cotton poplin for interlining.

How historically accurate is it? Very much so, the pattern is a reproduction of an original 40’s pattern and though I deviated a little from the instructions, I am sure that people did that in the 40äs as well.

Hours to complete: I didn’t keep track of time as I did it in snatches, but I would say around three hours.

First worn: For these photos.

Total cost: No idea. The wool was a scrap of several yards I bought extremely cheap a couple of years ago, the notions were also already n the house.

I have wanted to do this beret for some time and as I’m also making a reversible coat with the pink/rust tartan, I thought a matching beret would look nice with it. The pattern was a little quirky and it was great fun to sew it. Unfortunately when padded and worn straight it looked absolutely awful on me. So I removed the padding and tilted it instead and it looked much better, if not exactly as intended. For another face shape I am sure it will look smashing as it was intended.

Here are a few versions made by New Vintage Lady.

I also realize how long it is since I posted any pictures of me, because I cut off my hair in November and these are these are the very first photos of it. I am vastly pleased with it and will keep it short for a while. I’m due to a new haircut soon, though.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Autumn/winte year one, recap and a re-start

It has been a while since I updated here, but I am still working on my wardrobe project and I have no plans on giving it up. 2013 has been a year of finishing off as many old projects as possible on my huge unfinished pile and I have been doing very well. However, even if some of those things were for the 40's wardrobe, I did focus on my 18th century clothes, but I will change that next year. One thing I have learned this year is to plan my sewing and it has worked really well, so here is what I have planned for my 40's clothes.

I am behind, there is no sense in denying that. Year one was to be 2011/2012, so if I had been a good girl I would start sewing the spring/summer clothes of year three now. But I want to finish the previous years, not just push them back, so I have decided to work on the autumn/winter clothes until the end of February as it is winter now, starting with year one's autumn/winter items, progressing to the autumn/winter clothes in year two and three, as many I have the time for until March. Then I will go back and start on spring/summer year one, as spring will be approaching then and I will need appropiate clothes.

So, let's see what I have left of year one's autumn and winter clothes:

Grey wool shirtwaist dress I have had the fabric for this one for a long time, a lightweight grey wool with very narrow red stripes, but I just haven't wanted to start. The truth is that I feel that a shirtwaist dress isn't the best cut for my figure, I prefer a more tailored look. Then I found this pattern from 1938 at New Vintage Lady. As you can see it looks like a shirtwaist, but it is in fact not. I think it would be easy enough to make it into one, but I am thinking more in the line of adding buttons in front for a fake shirtwaist look. I plan to start this dress right after Christmas.

As it is for winter wear, I will make the long sleeved version.
Coat in grey lamb fur This mean fake fur as I'm sewing it myself, but I couldn't find any grey lamb fur that I liked, indeed no grey fur at all. I did find, however, a really lovely Russian wolf fur from The Throw Company which is grey/brown. As there are a lot of brown in the wardrobe I felt that it would work well colourwise and wolf fur were used in the 1940's. I am currently working on this one and it will be in a swagger model. I hope to finish it soon.

A brown sport jacket. I am making this one in brown wool and I have come as far as the first toile, I need to do a second fitting now.

Raincoat in a "natural" colour. I am making this in waterproofed grey cotton, reversible with pink/rust tartan wool. It is actually quite close to being finished, it just needs pockets, hemming and buttons.

Four Projects left for autumn/winter year one and three of those are already started. It is nice to know that I have finished, or bought,  most of it. To cheer me some more, let's see what that was:

Simple, long evening gown in black heavy canton crepe. Well, obviously I haven't made a black one, but as there was a blue one in year three I just swapped them.

Housecoat with a belt in thin cotton Not made by me but a vintage housecoat in mint condition.

Black wool dress It is finished, but I have yet to take pictures of it.

Brown sport suit in three pieces should have been made in water-proofed gabardine, but I have made this one into three separatees instead. The jacket is unfinished and the trousers were bought at Heyday. Here is the skirt, which is in gabardine, but not water proofed. 

Red Sweater

White sweater, adapted to be a stone-coloured one. Both sweaters were bought at Rocket Originals.

There were also accessoires. I have yet to find heavy boots and brown sport shoes that I like. I do have a pair of black walking shoes, though, as well as evening shoes. And, of course; rubber boots . I also bought a grey beret and made a rown one out of fake Suede. It ought to have been a sports model in brown felt and if I find one I will definitly buy it!

I also have a brown bag in reptile skin and a black bag in suede.

Brown knitted gloves and homemade knitted mittens are the last items and I do have them as well, but no photos. I have taken a few liberties with my directives, but I feel that this is a working wardrobe that I use, I need to adapt it to fit my needs and taste. So, back to the sewing rooms and also to see if I can find enough saylight to take photos of the black wool dress!

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